Thursday, June 7, 2012

Interesting day...??? !!!!

I've been working on my HopScotch quilt.  I took apart 9 blocks that I didn't think were put together well enough.  I have now put them all back together and they look much better.  I was just going to take the blocks apart and then iron everything and pack it up, but I decided that I WILL conquer this dang pattern!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric I used, and I was kind of feeling sick that I'd wasted it.  I hate to waste anything.  I'm cheap for one thing and don't have a lot of cash to waste for another!  hehehehehe  that's what I get for being raised by a Mother who lived through the depression as a young adult!
Anyhow, I've decided after tearing the blocks apart MANY times (one of them about 8 times before I was happy with the results, good thing this is not cheap fabric or it would be shredded by now) that I will use a basting stitch the first time and if it's good, then I dial down to 2.5 and sew over it again!  This quilt will NEVER come apart!!! My pants are covered with threads and so if my floor, and about 2x that many made it into the trash!  I bet I'm going to go through a huge spool of thread for this quilt.  I sure do hope I like it when it's done!

The "new and improved" blocks!

All this must still be made into blocks!  ARGH!

Thread on the floor, just a small spot of it!

Then at noon I ran down to my neighbors, I'm letting their dog out for a day or two while they are at work.  I got there, the dog was wagging her tail and seemed glad to see someone.  I put her leash on and she came out with me.... and turned right back to try to get back into the house!  I could NOT Get her to leave the porch area.  What a silly girl.  So I let her back in and gave her a treat (I want her to "like" me if possible!) and I'll go back in a couple of hours and try again!  I guess she thought I was going to steal her!  She's a cutie but I don't want another dog, need another dog like I need another hole in my head!

Ok, back to the sewing machine! 

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