Friday, May 4, 2012


Did you think I fell off the face of the earth?  Nope, sure didn't! 
I have been busy, and lazy, and busy!

Wednesday I spent the day quilting with my Mennonite friends.  I love these ladies and I love quilting with them.  This was the last quilting session until September.  It always makes me sad that they don't meet over the summer.  But the idea is that they have more time during the winter, and the children are in school.
I helped tie a couple of quits.  Then I helped Karen open boxes of quilts sent to this church by a church in Kansas. They sent like 6 or 7 boxes of infant layettes, and a box of twin sized quilts. 
One of the things the Mennonites do here is if someone's home is burned down, they make sure that each person who lived there gets a quilt. I think that's a lovely gesture to the people in the community. 
There was a fire in our area, it started out with someone burning their trash, and it spread into a brush fire and two homes were burned to the ground and a number of out buildings burned as well.  This past week, all the Mennonite med were helping clean up the mess that the fire left.  When they all came for lunch (there is a carry in on quilting days and the school children get a hot meal and the men all come for dinner as well) they were all dirty and grubby from cleaning up the fire.  None of these men lived where the fire was, they just helped clean it up.
I also was helping my friend Brenda clean up the fabric and quilting closet.  It's a very large closet and they have a lot of fabric.  She was throwing out small scraps, and I grabbed them!  I can use those small scraps where they won't because of the time involved in piecing together tiny pieces.  I'm thinking postage stamp quilt here folks!  :)
I also brought home a bag full of patriotic fabrics and scraps. and I plan to make a quilt top from them and of course give it to the Mennonites, hope to have it done by Sept.  And some south western fabrics that most will be used for pillows, so maybe I'll make them some pillows!  :)  I've never made a pillow before, so we'll see! 

Some of the fabrics are less than a fat quarter, some more than 1/2 of a yard!

There are all kinds of them!

And more....  I really see enough fabric to make a nice sized quilt top!

And even more!  And I might have a fat quarter or two to add to the mix if needed! 

I"ve never made a patriotic quilt before!

Some of the SW fabrics

This is a pillow panel

Some of the SW fabrics with more than a yard of each!

Pillow Panel

Pillow Panel

 Some scraps that are borders from the sides of the pillow panels. 

Bag of scraps for me!

Bag 2 of scraps for me! 

It was a great day and I hated for it to end, but alas, the day is generally over about 3pm. and I have to come home.  :)

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