Thursday, May 31, 2012


Started my day off, right after my first post of the day, sewing harnesses! Then my neighbor stopped by and asked me if I wanted to go to Walmart in Benson.  Now I would never turn down a chance to get to Walmart!  We had a nice time.  I took pictures!  :)

This is right off I10 and it's called Texas Canyon.  There are LOTS of really cool rocks there.

Lots of rock formations. 

Really cool rock formations. 

I love this!  But notice how it looks a little hazy in the background.  It seems hazy all around us, but I wasn't sure why.  More later down further on this!

We stopped to eat at Mi Casa, it's mexican and SOOOOOOOOOO good.  Andy and Santa who run it are just wonderful and the food is YUMMY!

See that copper thing on the wall?  His brother makes those and they are REALLY nice, but also EXPENSIVE!  

Here's Santa in the kitchen, she's the little one with the red bandana on peeking around her helper!

We were both really stuffed, and I could barely walk!

Next stop was the Fabric shop.  This is Laura who is the owner, but the shop is closing in a week, and there wasn't much fabric left, but you KNOW I found some I just had to have!  Yeah, another yard of fabric.

After this we went to Walmart, got one little fat quarter there!  And then to Safeway and then home.  Stopped at the hardware store and I bought an umbrella clothes line thing so I can be less dependent on my dryer.  And I love how laundry smells when it's dried outside!

By the time we were leaving Walmart, you could smell the smoke in the air.
 There is a fire in New Mexico, quite a ways north that is on the New Mexico/Arizona border and that smoke was just suffocating us down here. 
This picture was taken from my back yard.  That is what's called 3 sisters mountain, and it's usually not hazy over there.

See, the haze?  Usually you can see the mountains, this is looking north, I'll have to find an old picture one to compare with, it's really REALLY hazy outside.

Then about 6:40 pm or so it was getting kind of pinkish and I looked at the sun and was shocked.  In this pic it looks white, but it was blood red in reality.  It was really spooky looking.  That's all the smoke blocking the view.

Smokey sun...

And just so you know that I wasn't looking at the moon, here's a picture of the moon!

As the sun was about to go behind the mountains...

So that was my day, had a good one and hope you did too!  Have a great Friday (it is Friday tomorrow, right?????) and God Bless.   Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

That looks like Waco Tanks in Texas. Love the sunset pictures. I have to admit, we do have nice pictures of the sunsetting through the chemicals from our petrochem plants west of here!