Friday, May 11, 2012

Long week...

And for the most part, my creative side has been stalled.  I usually can't sleep if I haven't been creative during the day, but alas, this week has been different.  But that's ok too, my creativity will return I'm sure. 
I have gotten some stuff done.

I cut squares, many squares for my leaders and enders and ultimately my postage stamp quilt.  2" squares, I spent an entire day cutting out 2" squares.  :)

Lots and lots of 2" squares. 

And I found a little plastic box to put them in so I have them at hand for when I am sewing and using them as leaders and enders.

I brought home some patriotic fabric from Mennonite sewing and cut some of it so I can put a 52 strip Jelly Roll 1600 (+12 strips) together. 
I really enjoy making that quilt.  And I'm not about to buy more jelly rolls to make one with.  :)

This is a stack of about 42 strips for another jelly roll quilt.  

And this is 20 strips for a half sized jelly roll quilt...

And these are some left over strips. 

And this is a long and skinny jelly roll quilt done in the half size.  I may just end up cutting it and using it for borders on the first Jelly Roll quilt.  I also put in little 2.5" squares instead of putting the strips together like binding.  I like the look of the squares in some of the quilts I've seen, not so much in this one though.  I consider this one pretty much a failure.  I also might shorten it a tad and put borders on it and call it a baby quilt.  I have to do something as it's never going to be used  as is! 

We had rain in Wednesday.  Lots of clouds came rolling in about mid morning....

And I do mean rolling in, right over the mountains!

Our view from our yard to the North.  CLOUDS!  Love them.  It was cool Wed. as well, about 70.
Thursday was cool too, about 80 degrees. 
Today hasn't been too bad, about 92.  But it's a wee bit more humid than normal, guessing about 15% humidity and getting better as the day goes on.

I just love the flowers.  I don't have regular flowers planted, so that's why I get so excited about the Mexican Bird of Paradise.  Love em!  And no, these have no real smell to them. 

Sug out in the yard yesterday.

Lu in the yard. 

And another Sugie in the yard.  Love these girls!

That's pretty much how my week went.  Not too much done, the one quilt is a failure and needs to be modified some how.  Nothing accomplished on the other quilts.  Oh, yes there was, I got some sashing cut today!  Yippeee.... maybe tomorrow I can get another swoon sewn together! 

Ok, Have a great evening, and God Bless.   Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

Looks like u are prepared for a lot of sewing. The dogs look like they are not concerned about the upcoming storms. My bassets are fine but the Swissys would swear they were going to be killed. It was always fun.

I have never seen a mexican bird of paradise. It is beautiful!