Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's been a sewing kind of day!

And that's what we are supposed to do on Mother's Day, right what we want to do.  And I wanted to sew, so I did!
To start the day off, I finished up a few orders and got them ready to go out into the mail tomorrow morning.  Then since I was watching a good movie, finished up Bogus and started watching Clara's Heart, I decided to make the girls each a new collar.  No, the girls were never mothers, but hey, it's my day and I wanted them to have new collars.  :)

So I let them outside so I could take pictures.

Lulu's is kind of ziggity zaggity and have purple, red and teal in it, among other colors.

Sug's new collar is a bandana print and it looks great on her!

Sug walked around a bit, and then decided to break her new collar in by getting some of our wonderful red dirt and dust on it!  Thanks Sug, sweet dreams.  Sug LOVES to sun bathe!

Lulu doesn't like laying on the ground or sun bathing, so she walks around a bit. 

See how green the desert is?  That's my back yard view!  :) 

Then after making collars and taking pics of the dogs, I got to my first project of the day, finishing up the sashing on one of my granny quilts.  Love it!
A friend of mine (actually, she's my long arm quilter friend) told me that if I mark the sashings short sides on the long sashing, it would make it easier to get them even... well, yeah, and HELLO Anne, anybody home?  It sure enough made it 100 times easier to get that sashing lined up.  Now why on earth didn't I figure that one out years ago?  HELLO ANNE, ANYONE HOME????  Told you, if I had a brain I'd be dangerous!!

When I sew, be it in the front room making collars and harnesses and such, or in the middle room sewing quilts and such, Sug is my guardian and my quality control gal!  She's always there with me.  Hard to believe that she wouldn't stay in the same room with me when I brought her home and now I can't shake her no matter where I am in the house!  She's come so far.  And I love her so much!

I worked on the 2" blocks for a while.  Made 14 of the squares, just have to iron them up and square em up.  Eventually I will have enough for a large quilt soon.  I think I have like 20 of them done, probably need at least 40 or so minimum.  But I have TONS more scraps.  :)

I have more of the white sashing and think maybe I'll start sashing some of the swoon blocks.  I have 2 more swoon quilts to put together.  Maybe I can get all the rows done for both quilts.  :) Or maybe I should do one big one with 12 blocks and use the others for wall hangings.... hum....

I also want to work on some of the Hop Scotch blocks later today. 

Alrighty then, that's it for the moment.  :)  God is good and I'm a quilting!

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QuiltSwissy said...

Happy mothers day! New collars look fabulous on the girls. My beautiful Bonnie Doon, the greater Swiss girl who was queen of everything, used to sun every day. She would lay on the hot boards and pant and pant. Dutch, the swissy boy, wanted to be in the AC with me.