Thursday, April 19, 2012

Long Thursday! But productive.

I got a bunch of orders done this morning.  Love that feeling that they are going out the door almost as fast as they are coming in the computer.  I'm so lucky and so very blessed. 

I'm sitting here sipping some fresh sun tea.  There is NO better way to make iced tea than with the power of the sun.  And that's something we get plenty of out here in Arizona, SUN!

I watched movies today.  I finished up Practical Magic.  Cute movie, very cute!  8 of 10.
Then I started and am not done with "Because I Said So" with Diane Keaton in it.  I'm not finished, because I had to turn it off because I WANTED TO STRANGLE the MOTHER aka Diane Keaton.  ARGH!!!  I'll finish it up tomorrow, but I hope to never ever see Diane Keaton in her underware again... ARGH!!!  I think it's a cute movie, but the mother really gets on my nerves.  I love the dog in the movie!  So far, a 5 of 10 for this one.
I put The Blind Side in, haven't seen that one for at least a month! 

I cut some of the bibs, or politically correctly called Shirt Protectors.  I cut enough flannel for 12 bibs.  Now I have to find complimentary material for them so I can sew em up and put em together.  :) 

 What I'm planning on doing is using one layer of the flannel for the front of the shirt protector, and then putting cotton on it for the backing of it.  That way it won't be too heavy and just a tad cheaper to make, and pretty! 

The pink flowers are going to be really cute!

This morning, I was sitting here at the computer, the dogs had just come in from their first morning potty.  Sug was in her "crate" (her crate is my laundry room with a baby gate up) waiting for breakfast and Lulu was in the livingroom on a doggie bed.  And I kept hearing this noise.  Told the dogs to knock it off, and the noise continued.  Thought maybe I had a mouse, kind of sounded like that.. but when I got up to investigate said noise, it was coming from outside.  So since I'm a camera nerd, I grabbed my camera and went outside to find birds on my neighbors roof doing a GREAT mating dance! Thought I'd share some of the birdie dance with you!!

Feathers were flying and at first I thought they might be fighting.. but alas, I don't think so!  And noisy, dang they were noisy!

And a little more personal...

And they are all done.  I felt as though I should offer them a cigarette!! I hope to see a nest full of little baby birdies soon.  I'll have to put out some yard and cotton and soft stuff to help them make their nest all soft and nice!

Usually the birds around here do  the deed at night!  And when they are done, one or the other falls out of the tree!  Seriously, they scare me half to death when it's late and I go out on the deck and then all this noise and plunk/squawk, and one of em is fluttering up to get back into the tree from the ground. What a shame, the birds getting all that action and yet I am all alone!  I should of been a bird....... maybe in my next life! 

And that's it for me today.  My back is hurting and I'm going to take some advil and hit the sack!  Sleep well, God Bless and have a wonderful Friday!  It's almost the WEEKEND!  Anne

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