Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's hot again, it's 100 degrees on my deck.  More sun tea made, love that stuff! 
I've been sewing.  Remember the Half Square Triangles Festival?  Well, I was going to enter something, but alas, I missed the deal line!  Oh woe is me.  But it's all good!  I got a wall hanging finished and for that I am grateful.  I put on a binding that was made from HSTs as I needed more of them to make the 75%  mark for the hsts.
So, you can see what I made, I'm sure it was no winner, but at least I got something made and done in less than a week!  That just might be a record for me!  :)

 The center is the center part of a carpenters square.  And I wanted to get some ziggity zaggity going with it too, so I added some funky borders to it.  As I said, the binding is all HSTs too.  And I made the binding extra wide as well, 3.5" to start with.  It's far from perfect, but hey, neither am I so it's all good. 

I believe I'm going to hang this one up in my house, something I don't do a lot, but I really like this, and of course, I love the colors and I like colorful.  :)

Have a great day!  Anne

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