Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Interesting day...

I've been busy, but haven't accomplished a lot so far!

I decided which of the cotton lame fabrics I'll use...

I think these will be pretty. There are 11 there plus the 4 smaller pieces at the end.  Most of them are fat quarters, but I have a couple doubles, so there should be plenty of fabric.  :) 
I'm not going to start it until I finish the greyhound quilt, and get the borders on my Ziggity Zaggity quilt and get my 2 swoons put together.  So it will probably wee a couple of weeks.  While I was digging for this fabric, I found so much fabric that I had forgotten about.  I absolutely MUST get my fabric organized, it's a hopeless mess at this point!

 I had to go downtown today.  I went to the Library first, we have a store at our library that sells used books.  I picked up about 4$ worth of books... at 25cents each, that's a lot of reading!  I'm on a Scarpetta kick, written by Patricia Cornwell.  Even though I've read all but about 4 of the Kay Scarpetta books, I bought them from the beginning, it's been lots of years since I read the first 12 or so books.  I'll enjoy reading them again! 

From the library I went to the post office.  Had to send a package out to Denmark. I have to visit the post office to do international packages, but it's always interesting!   Bill is the postmaster and he's a good guy.  Howard Stern is the counter guy and he's a hoot and a holler!  He's from New York and is just a really nice man.   And in our little town, you will almost always see folks you know at the post office, it's the local gossip post!  :)

From the Post office I went to the Dollar Store.  I had to pick up some super glue and some batteries and a few food items.  And dog treats for the dogs and spray starch for quilting.  You almost always see folks you know there too! 

From the Dollar Store I went to the Produce Wagon  The Produce Wagon is a grocery store.  It's not large, but they have a ton of stuff in there!  I bought apples and a couple of potatoes and some sliced turkey in a package.  The folks who own the Produce Wagon, Julie and Delbert, are the nicest folks.  It was originally owned by a Mennonite family, but they moved away and sold it to the man who owns the hardware store, and he didn't enjoy owning it, so he sold it to Delbert and Julie.  And it's doing well.  Julie and Delbert are so nice and they run a really nice store.  :)  

And from the Produce Wagon, I came home.  Spent about 2 hours doing all that!  I can get lost in a book store for a LONG time, even a small one like ours.  :)

I got some good deliveries today.  My movie War Horse arrived, I may watch that this evening, if not tonight, tomorrow for sure.

I also got my Fitbit.  A Fitbit is a neat device that records all your steps and calories burned and miles walked etc. and so forth.  It's kind of like a super pedometer!  I've put 9000 steps on mine since about 2pm!  It also monitors your sleep and will give you a report on how well you do or don't sleep.  I'm really anxious for that part of it.  The device is itty bitty teensy tiny and you can clip it to a bra, your shirt, your belt or put it in your pocket.  It can even tell you when you do stairs.  You have daily goals and can put in your food and weight and all kinds of nifty stuff. 
I've used Omron Pedometers before, but when I had a problem with the leash breaking and called them, they weren't very nice, and heck I just wanted to buy a new leash.  So after that I swore I'd never buy another one of their products.  Now you can buy new pedometer leashes on Amazon real cheap.
So I've been doing without a pedometer for a while now, and I've really missed it!  So this is a good replacement.  I'm anxious to see how it goes!  Oh, and I walked my 4 miles today already.   It's all good!

Ok, I'm beat, been up since WAY too early this morning. I think I'm going to read or watch War Horse. 
Y'all have a great evening and a wonderful tomorrow!  God Bless, Anne

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