Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Sunday

It is yet another beautiful day here in Arizona.  It was in the low 60's last night, and will probably be in the high 80's today.  Can't ask for better than that! 

I have finished my blocks for my Stained Glass Quilt.  There are 17 blocks, and that includes the 3 double blocks.  If I ever make one of these again, I would make the double blocks into single blocks and just make 6 more blocks vs. the 3.  I found myself picking out more stitches in those big blocks, they were the hardest of them all.  In fact, I made a boo boo on the last one I did, and I am NOT NOT NOT going to change it, it will just be a tad different than the other double blocks.  :) 
I need to go through all the blocks and square them up to 11" and 22.5"x11" respectively.   If I don't need that extra half inch, I'll just cut if off when I put the quilt together.  Then I want to put up my flannel wall and see what blocks go where and make sure I like it... then I will have to sash each row of blocks together and then put the row long sashing on and sew them all together.  I'm probably going to put thin black borders on, maybe 2" tops.  Then quilt it somehow... that seems insurmountable!  ACK! 

This is what the #2 blocks look like,  I won't overload and post them all!!! 

With using this sheer fabric, it was very important to me that all the seams were ironed towards the black, so I've taken lots of special care to make sure that they all ended up this way!  

The first double block

Second double block 

And the last one with the boo boo in it!  See it, the first strip on the left, should be the fatter one then the skinny one, but I did it backwards and I bet no one will notice when it's all together!  

And all the blocks together.

I'm really anxious to get this put together, but don't want to rush it too much!  I doubt that this quilt will ever be used to cover anyone, it's going on my wall folks!  :)   Actually, I wonder if it would make two nice sized wall hangings????  Maybe the next one!  :)

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sandraspencer said...

I was doubtful about your color choices on this one, but it's going to look great!

I'd also call it a Piet Mondrian quilt, instead of stained glass.

This link might work, or google his name for images.