Saturday, April 28, 2012

9 blocks done on my Stained Glass Quilt...

This is going together so easy, I'm shocked!  Of course, my pictures look kind of wooper  jawed (are those words????) in the pictures, but they are pretty square, and I haven't squared them up yet because I'm not sure if they are supposed to be 10.5" or 11" when squared.  I love the way they look!


Love these!  this is one of the 3 blocks
You know, I think the cutting out of these blocks is MUCH harder than the sewing together of them!  Cutting them out gave me a rather icky headache, going one color at a time and kind of almost fussy cutting each block!  I also think this would be awesome using scraps with many many more than 11 different fabrics in it!

A 3 block

 Another 3 block

And yet another 3 block (there are 5 #3 blocks)

the last #3 block

 A 4 block (there are 4 of these)

One more 4 block

yet another 4 block 

And our last 4 block

Sick of them yet? 

I will be working on the 2 blocks next!  The 1 blocks are the big ones, but there are only 3 of those!  So I'm over half done with the blocks, then after they are done, I get to sew the thing together!  I can't wait to see what it look like up close and personal!  And I'd really like to do another one with regular cotton in it, and yet a third with this fabric in it again!  :)
And finish the swoons (S)  and finish the Granny square quilts (S) and yes, start other ones!  :)

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