Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th!

It's been a good Friday the 13th for me. I've been able to get some quilting done.  I finished the quilting part of my greyhound wallhanging.  Now I just have to put the binding on it and sew it down.

I was reading on Lollyquiltz about her upcoming 1600 inch jellyroll race and it just fascinated me.  So I got some fabric out and started cutting 2.5" WOF strips.  I cut 40 of them.  And I sewed them together.  It took me an hour to sew them together, cut the seams and then iron the seams open.  Then I started putting them together and it took me an hour and 5 minutes to finish it, and that included me stopping to let the dogs out and back in!  It's nothing fabulous because the fabrics don't really match a whole lot, I picked some purples and then butterflies.  So it is what it is and I'll probably donate it to the Mennonites for a charity quilt.  but if you bought an actual jelly roll and didn't have to cut the fabric, you could do a couple of them in a day!  Great for gifts and even baby quilts!  I'm really liking this.  So here's the crazy quilt I constructed.  Not squared or ironed!

See, it's not horrible, not fantastic, but it's bright and it's got a lot of color in it!  :)  I also wonder if one couldn't put the strips together so that the \ where they go together could be \  and some / 's as well???  Whatcha think?

Anyhow, it was a lot of fun to do and I can't wait to do another one!

See the outer border is quilted too.  I really enjoyed doing this too, it made me happy today.  And happy is always good, no? 

Ok, it's time for me to jump into the shower!  The dogs are pretty much ready for their last turn out in a few minutes.  Have a great weekend and God Bless.  Anne

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