Sunday, March 4, 2012


I managed to put a swoon quilt top together.  This one will go to the Mennonites and they'll figure out how to finish it and then send it to someone who is very much in need of a warm quilt.  Often they send the bigger ones to fire victims in the area, or to other states where tragedy has hit. 

I hung it darn near from the ceiling and it's a tad crooked!   But it's actually not too terribly crooked in real life! 

And here's a collage of all the swoon blocks that I've made so far!  There's 29 of those suckers! 

Next on my plate is going to be to make a few of the granny blocks and eventually have a quilt of those to put together!  Then I have about 4 more quilts that I want to try! 
There's going to be a quilt-along for "On a Whim" and "Hopscotch" both designs by the same gal who designed the Swoon.  So that should be fun!  And yup, I have both those patterns! 

I'm feeling so much better than I felt yesterday.  But my nose is still all messed up and I can't smell much of anything and now I'm getting a bit of a cough, but that's pretty normal for me, first a cold and then bronchitis.  Oy!  Will get to bed early tonight and hope it helps! 

Have a great 'rest of the weekend' and God Bless,   Anne

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