Thursday, March 8, 2012

It was a very good day....

and a very busy day today! 
I spent the better part of the morning and early afternoon sewing collars and leashes and such!  Then I had to answer some email and get myself ready to run some errands and visit some friends. 

Went to the first friends house and got to love on her pupper doggie and we got a chance to catch up and chat and such.  She gave me some quilting blocks and I'm going to try to design a special harness for her dog.  It was really good to see her and our chatting time came quickly to an end. 

On to see one of my Mennonite friends and her children. As typical children, they were STARVING when they got home so my friend had baked them a pie and we all sat down to some home made pie and ice cream! YUMMY!  I asked her if it was home made and her 13 year old looked at me like I was crazy and asked in all seriousness "Is there any other kind?"  Oh my, from someone who has never baked an apple pie in her life from scratch, I was kind of shocked, she'd never heard of a frozen pie bought at the supermarket! 

Then after snack time, we got to go outside and play with the CHICKENS!  And the Pigs and the Dog and the Cats!  My friends have a small farm.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE chickens and theirs are so very tame and petable!  I just had a blast with the chickens AND I took lots of pictures.  What amazed me thought was that the cats and the dog and the chickens were all running around together.  The pigs had their own space that was fenced in.  And my friends property is fenced for the most part.  But it's fun.  I WANT SOME CHICKENS!  They actually had a chicken that laid eggs last year (and they have 2 roosters!) and raised a clutch of babies.  How cool!  They have somewhere between 45 and 50 chickens.  Holy Cow that's a lot of chickens. 
Ok, here's some pics of the wonderful chickens and pigs and dog and cats!

The dog and a kitten.

Nice big fat chicken!

Ahhhhh, the chickens are fed!

This is a very sweet girl, so pretty too.

Just some of the chickens in the yard next to their house where they sleep and eat!

Three of the girls digging and taking dust baths.

I forget what kind of chickens these are, but they are sure different looking!

Some of the girls in the yard..

Chicken and the cats! 

These two girls were trying to wrestle and seemed to be PO'd at each other!

Pigs, rearranging the dirt with their snouts!

They have 4 pigs, they will grow big and then be butchered for meat. 

Tired after all that dirt rearranging!

What a great afternoon with my friends and their animals!
I didn't want to leave, I really enjoyed the time I spent with them.
I really have chicken envy!!

Have a great Friday, and God Bless.... Anne

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