Sunday, February 5, 2012

What is is that a freshly mopped floor that draws the dogs to it like pins to a magnet?  Silly dogs are going to fall and break their necks and besides that, they are leaving footprints.  LEAVE the kitchen girls!!  Normally they sleep all day, but let me start cleaning and they get nervous, always have.  Don't get me wrong, love my dogs dearly, but some days....ARGH!
Mass was good this weekend, and the music went well. 
I can't believe that Ash Wednesday is in a few weeks, time goes way tooooooo fast.  :)
No sewing again today.  It's SUPER BOWL SUNDAY and I will be watching those men run up and down the field chasing that football.  Still haven't decided who I am rooting for yet.  I'm also looking forward to the commercials... that's one of the best parts of Super Bowl Sunday. 
Hoping to sew tomorrow for a bit.  Or at least cut out fabric... I haven't even done that yet. 
Alrighty then, time to get my kitchen put back together.  Have a great day and God Bless,   Anne

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