Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New blocks for lap quilt for dialysis unit....

   This is the first block I made.  The batiks were given to me in a give away from a blog and I'm making those batiks into a quilt for a dialysis unit.  The Mennonites use donated fabric most of the time and they get lots of flowers and kids fabric is seems, but masculine fabric isn't as plentiful.  So I thought these colors would be perfect for that. 
So I searched and looked around for a pattern and this is something new to me, and will let me learn a new technique as I'm making the quilt.  :)  I have put in 7 or 8 batik fat quarters of my own and am hoping that maybe I can get 2 lap quilts out of these fabrics.  :)  Cool hum? 
These were fun to make a really easy as well.  Easy is always good!  :)

Block two.  And I have maybe 10 more cut out and ready to be sewn, cut and sewn some more.
Kind of reminds me of bargello with the sewing and cutting stuff going on!  :)

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