Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Late evening post... :)

I was really busy today, talking and quilting and eating! It was the monthly quilting day at the Mennonite Church.  Gosh, I cannot tell you how much I love those folks and how good and kind they are and how wonderful it is to be around them. 
Anyhow a friend went with me and she had  a great day too.  Mostly we did hand tying of quilts.  Really hard hand tying.  The quilts are made of all the scraps and materials that they are given for the most part. And they use pretty much anything and there was a lot of polyester in these fabrics and that makes for some really hard times getting the needle through to tie the quilts.  They use yard to tie with, so it's a pretty large needle with a good sized eye on the end.  So we struggled with that most of the day. 
And lunch was fantabulous!  They women cook like my grandma cooked.  And that was the lunch theme for today, bring a dish that your grandmother made.  And WOW were there some good 'dishes' to eat.  I ate too much, but didn't have to worry about dinner. 
I also brought home a small bag of selveges.  I'll put them with the ones I have and now I have a bunch of them!  Actually I'd like to get them out of here soon, may have to do some kind of contest.  :)  
About 3 or so years ago, one of the Mennonite gals gave me a kitchen hand towel that ties onto either a stove handle or a drawer handle or a fridge handle.  I LOVE that thing.  I've never had one like this before and it is the most useful towel in my kitchen!  Anyhow the one I have has been washed a bazillion times and I just hate it when it's dirty and in the laundry waiting for it's bath and not there to dry my hands on.  So I asked her if she had any for sale.  And she did and I bought 3 of them!  For 5$ each.  I'm going to post pics cause these are adorable and soooooo under-priced!

 This is my old one.  I have used this and used this and used this one!  It's stained and it's wonderful.  Silly to feel that way about a hanging towel, but I love the darn thing!

This is one of my new ones.  I love the color, and this is NOT a single towel, but a double towel.  For 5 dollars.  

This is another double one.  I love this because it's so bright and cheerful.  I actually think I'm going to put this on in my bathroom, I don't have any hand or fingertip towels and this would work very well.  :)

I LOVE this one, it's different.  It's got a crocheted  top on it.  It's beautiful!

A closeup of the crochet work.  Just really pretty!  That little glimmer you see just to the top of the button is the magnet I used to hold it up on the fridge! 

But I think those are a real steal for 5 dollars.  I don't think I could make them myself for much less than that. 

After I got home from sewing, I went to my book study and we finished up the first book of "Jesus of Nazareth" by Pope Benedict XVI.  It was a very good book and we took our time getting through it.  Our Pope is a very bright individual and writes pretty well.  I do think these were written originally in German and have been translated into English.  He truly is a scholar.    I think we are going to skip a week or two and then we are starting the second book "Jesus of Nazareth."  Very good reads should you be interested in learning more about Jesus. 

I went to be last night at about 12:30am.  Got up about 3:45am for the day.  I woke up and could not go back to sleep.  So saying I'm tired right now is a bit of an understatement!  So I'm off to dream land.  Sleep well, have a GREAT Thursday tomorrow and as always, may God Bless you abundantly.  Anne

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