Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Got a lot done today!

6 more blocks for my dialysis quilt.  :)   Yippeee!
Pictures of course....

 They are getting a bit brighter! 
AND I have 11 more HST's done, just have to square them up and then cut them up and sew em back together.  That will make 22 blocks.  Not sure exactly how I'm going to do this, but I will have to get them spread out on the bed tomorrow to figure out how many will go into each lap quilt.  :)

I like this a lot. 
I've been pinning the blocks to my bedroom wall and now it's full of pin holes, thankfully really tiny.  So I tried tape and I didn't like that look.
So for blocks, I got out some of my magnetic clothespins, or bag closers, and hung em up on the fridge to take the pics.  So that's why they might seem a bit whopper-jawed. 

Love these little squares in the batik in this block.

Green is good!  :) 

And more green is good.  

And yet more green!  I like green, so it won't be hard to work with these for me.  :)

Ok, that's it.  Gotta let the dogs out, give em treats, put my blocks away, and vac the livingroom and then put shipping labels on some collar packages and get my self to the shower and into the bed for a bit of reading and then lots of beauty sleep! (just wish that beauty sleep worked!) 
Have a great Thursday, and God Bless.  Anne

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