Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dark, cold and dreary day outside!

I LOVE the sunshine and on days like this I really miss it.  Sugar won't go out into the yard right now, she must sense some kind of storm brewing somewhere nearby.  She's such a wuss! 
Lulu is good to go though, she's not really afraid of storms unless they get REALLY loud.  She and I have shared one of our daily apples a little bit ago!  She LOVES apples.  I hate apple skin, so I peel my apples and leave a bit more of the apple on it than I would normally and she just gobbles them up like they are candy.  Lulu will actually pretty much eat anything I will.  She loves tomatoes too and waits when I'm cutting one up because she knows she's going to get a bite.  I found her tossing around a whole unpeeled garlic clove the other day, and garlic isn't good for dogs (can actually cause death in dogs if enough is eaten), so I took it away before she had the chance to eat it!  Such a silly girl. Is it any wonder I love her so much, she's just plain goofy.  :)

I sewed for a bit last night and made the HST for 4 more swoon blocks.  (addictive I'm telling  you!!) So today I've finished 2 new blocks, and I really like both of these!

I've already used the plaid and flowered material with a bluish teal color, so I added the orange this time.  I like orange a lot, and I know most other folks don't, but I really like this block!  Lots of contrast!

I like this one a lot too!  :) If I wore dresses, I'd hunt down more of that print and make a dress or skirt out of it, I love that print!

 Here's my first 9 blocks together

And here's the second 9 blocks.  I plan on pulling at least one of these, and possible 2.  And I'm not sure that this will be the mix of the blocks.

And below is all 18 blocks together!  And I have 2 more cut out to replace the two I don't like or that were made wrong.  :)

And that's a bunch of swooning my friends!  I love to swoon!  If you haven't tried this block, you simply must consider making some of these!  They are fun and can be pretty much any color and some folks are putting 3 and 4 colors in them and some are making them totally 100% scrappy.  If I feel like swooning after these 20, I'm going to go for 3 colors and then maybe 4 colors!  I like to be different!

Ok, off to work on Swoon Block 19.  :)  Have a great day and God Bless.   Anne

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