Wednesday, December 28, 2011

busy busy busy!!!

Got a good nights sleep!!!  Yipee!  Started reading the book "The Help" last night and am finding it amazingly close to the movie, or rather the movie is amazingly close to the book!
Got off to a slow start because I had to make my dogs rice this morning before I could feed them!  But it was all uphill after that for the most part.
Put lining on webbing for 7 harnesses, and that took a good while and it is a boring thing, but there are worse.  I watched "The Lincoln Lawyer" first and it wasn't a bad movie, a few interesting twists and turns.  Then I watched "The Yellow Handkerchief" and it was ok, not much better than just ok.  So when that one was done, I slipped in "The Help" and got about half way through that one.  Will finish it up in the morning.  So sewing wise, I finished up 2 spook harnesses, 2 spook leashes, and 4 tag collars.  And of course, since I just placed a big hardware order, I figured out one thing I totally forgot to order, now I have to put another order together.  *sigh*  Oh well, I guess that is life.  :)
So now it's off to the shower and then I'm curling up in bed with "The Help" and hope to finish that off tonight.  :)  Have a GREAT Thursday!   God Bless,    Anne

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