Sunday, September 18, 2011

More sewing and more quilting!

Went to Mass last evening and then a bunch of us went to Taza's for dinner.  Yummy, I had orange chicken.  I learned that Meso (spelling?) soup tastes like dirty socks smell and egg drop isn't a whole lot better!  I LOVE hot and sour soup, but they don't have that there.  :(    Anyhow, didn't get home until about 8:30.  I fed the dogs and then I sat down at the sewing machine and finished putting all my scrapies together and then sewed all my rows of blocks for my next 2 quilts. 
Got up fairly early today.  Load of laundry in, dogs fed, and sat down and made a couple of collars for orders and a couple of harnesses for orders.  Getting those done left me an afternoon to quilt.  and for the first 2 hours I worked on my small wall hanging that's getting the scrappy borders.    And here's how that ends:

Once I finished putting all the trimmed 9" pieces together, I put all the little strings of fabric together and got this square!  I ironed it really well, squared it up and trimmed it and then cut it up!
 And when it was cut up, this is what I had.  I then added these pieces to all the pieces I had of the trims sewn together.  And I ended up with about 100 inches of 9" wide scrappy borders! 

Then I measured my wall hanging, added 1.5" borders and then cut up the pieces to make 4" borders to add.  They will be 3.5" when it's all said and done. 

And here's the top with the scrappy borders on it.  I honestly think it looks better in person.  It kind of looks like stained glass borders when held up to the light.  :) But I'm happy with it and it shouldn't be too hard to sandwich and then to quilt it. 

I'll actually be glad when the big quilt and the two wall hangings are done, I'm kind of sick of the fabric and the colors right now, but I know that will end once I don't look at them for a few days .

When the dogs got up this morning, Sug was happy and leapy and twirlly and in such a good mood!  I realized that I haven't seen her like this for a couple of months.  She actually got an entire nights sleep last night, as did I, with NO boomers from the sky!!!  Yipppee!

Ok, I'm going to go and cut up some fabric and then sew it back together and see if I can't get one of the 2 quilt tops I have semi assembled together.  :) 

Have a great Sunday, God Bless.    Anne

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