Saturday, September 17, 2011

I quilted today!

Ok, finally got something done quilting wise today.  Not a whole lot, but am getting some finishing stuff done.
If you remember my big quilt in aqua's and teals and greens that I just did.... well I made about 22 or 23 extra blocks.  I squeezed as much from that fabric as humanly possible.  I LOVE that fabric so much, I didn't want to waste an inch I didn't have to.

This is 12 of the blocks put together for a wall hanging.  I have 2" borders which will end up being 1.5" when it's done.  But I like it and it shows off the luscious colors so well.  You KNOW I love this fabric!

 This is a wall hanging with 9 blocks in it.  I am going to put a 1" border on it, and it will end up being 0.5" and then I'm going to put something past that... see below for one of my ideas.
 This is a bunch of the pieces I cut off the blocks when I was squarign them up.  They are 9" wide approx.  I was thinking to put them all together (and I have more that I haven't sewn yet) and then cut it in half and if it's enough (I'll do the math before I cut) then I could add them as a border to the smaller of the 2 wall quilts.... I love the look of them sewn together, so I'll have to see how it all turns out.
 This is a second sew of strips put together.  Same deal.  I still have many more to put together.  I might have to cut them into 3 pieces, that would probably make 2" borders for the quilt, and that would work fine!
 I have been saving all of my selvages.  So far I have a bag full, this bag had a bunch of fat quarters in it, so it's probably bigger than it looks.  One of these days, I'm going to give these away.  :)
 And this is a bunch of squares that I've chained stitched together and they will end up being my next 2 quilts.  I hope to finish them both up tomorrow.  Ok, probably not, but at least have the 2 tops done by Wednesday?  :) 
 This past week I have spent more than one sleepless night with my Sugar.  We have had amazing storms here, just really BIG, LOUD and LONG storms.  My poor sugar is pictured here in my closet and she is aced and fairly steady.  She got up at 2:02am the other night and ended up knocking over a book case and knocking over my bedside table trying to get behind them to hide.  And you know, once I got her out of the corner and got her to bed, I had a ton of books and stuff on my bed, and thought I might as well vacuum behind them, I won't get another chance soon (I HOPE) so I stayed up until 5:30 cleaning up the mess.  Then once I got back into bed, There was thunder at 6am and Sug was not happy.  Thank God for Ace.  We survived that night.  Had a similar one on Thursday night.  Last night was quiet thank the Lord.
 Below is a picture of my Lulu running up the deck to me.  She's almost 12.
Above:  Lulu sniffing the grass with her earsies up!
(what is it about that makes it so darn hard to place pictures and text?)
 And below is Lulu having a sniff fest in the yard.

It's been a long week.  I'm looking forward to this coming week!  Our temperatures have really dropped here, no air on for the last 3 or 4 days, and that's wonderful!   Last night I went to Holy Hour at Church and we had a potluck afterwards and it was so much fun.  It's just so great to get together with friends and talk and laugh and just enjoy the company!  Father Manolo showed us some great pictures of his going to South America and working as a short term missionary down there, wonderful pictures.  And he showed us a video of him leading one of his past church choirs in the Handel Messiah Hallelujah Chorus.  It was really good!

Alrighty, I will try to post more often!  Have a fantabulous weekend and quilt happy!  God Bless, Anne


Anonymous said...

these are amazing I don't know how you do it but you are talented! loving the colors and cute dog:)

QuiltingFitzy said...

Just read your comment on Judy L's blog, and wanted to wave at you from Marana. I work in downtown Tucson.

I also read you've lived in Cinci, I lived there about 20 years!

Small world!

Nice quilting work as well...have a great weekend.

Anne said...

Thank you so much Deema, I really enjoy quilting and strive for great patterns, but not perfection!! Lulu is one of my greyhounds and she is adorable, but she's a blue and a little nuts! Blue's are dilute black in color and are grey in color, but they tend to have issues, and she sure does. But I love her muchly!

Anne said...

Hi QuiltingFitzy, thanks so much for stopping by! I have a friend who lived in Marana for many years, she misses it a lot!
I was in the Pleasant Run part of Cinci, almost in Fairfield for many years and then the last 8 or so I lived in White Oak. I miss many things about Cinci, but they have that evil white stuff in the winter and I don't like snow! :) Hope you will stop back often. I get to Tucson a few times a year, I like Tucson and am learning my way around a bit!

Anne said...

Opps, forgot I put up a pic of Sugar too! She's nuts too, but I love her so much. I never adopted the normal dogs!