Friday, September 19, 2008

Mr. Bug.... and the tomato...

While my Phantom was at the vet this morning, I went to the farmer's market and got a couple of flats of tomatoes. They are just beautiful. Also got some cukes. Then went to the local Safeway and did some shopping adn then went to pick up my boy. Anyhow, when I got home, one of the maters fell onto the ground. I picked it up and tried to put it in a bag and dropped it again, and tried to pick it up again and dang it, dropped it a 3rd time... 3 times the charm, I left it!
I took some maters and a couple of cukes over to my neighbor and when I came home, I saw this incredibly large bug eating the mater... so I got a picture of it! This bug ate more than half that tomato before it left! It's kind of pretty for a bug I guess, but bugs are not my favorite things so I didn't get too close! That was a BIG mater folks!!!

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