Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fabric, fabric and even more fabric...

I have entirely too much fabric. I've been doing some string quilting, trying to use up all those scraps that I have in this rather large box!
See my wallhanging that I made to the left.
I'm also doing a larger string quilt that I think I may donate, perhaps to the Ronald McDonald house in Tucson. I'll have to look into that. I've been making more wallhangings lately than larger quilts. I can only use so many quilts and can only give away so many quilts. I figure I can now change the wallhangins about weekly!! :)

Now I'm doing another kind of scrap quilt, I'll post some pics tonight or tomorrow!
I need more ideas for getting rid of some of this fabric. I found a string quilt pattern that has a heart in it, you do have string patches. Also one where you put a center piece if red on each block and then more them around to look like a heart!
Off to cut and sew, sew and press, press and sew some more!

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