Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's Tuesday!

You know, my topic titles are just plain boring aren't they?

I was awake ALL NIGHT last night for no known or good reason.  Just could not sleep.  I read for a while, I paced and I computed, but didn't get to sleep.  Hate nights like that.  Tonight it's BENEDRYL time!

So I'm not worth a whole lot today, but yet it's been a great day!

I had the cam on of the Vatican's smoke stack and did look up at it just as the black smoke started pouring out of the smoke stack.  So no Pope yet!  Maybe we'll have one tomorrow?!  :)

Today I got mail! The second block and one border for the Cotton Robin arrived.  It's very pretty and the first border was done by a very talented quilter.  I am flummoxed as to what to do to add another border on to it!  I guess it will stay on my design wall for a while.  I did try to pull fabrics that might match it color wise, but not sure yet what I'm going to do.
I sure wish I could post some pictures, but I can't, not until it's all over!  :)

I did some more cutting on the quilt I'm working on.  But nothing spectacular.  I did find some more of the Fuschia fabric whilst I was digging through my fabrics!  I think some of this may go on the backing of the quilt.  :)  It's all good.
 A couple of pieces of green and beige border fabric.  I can make 8 blocks of this
if I need to, that's one more flower!
 This is a piece of purple and beige border fabric, it's fat quarter I think
 Another piece of the border fabric in purple, I'm sure I can get enough
from the two of these for one more flower.
 And yet another fat quarter of border fabric.  And again, I think
I can get at least one block from it!
 And this is a full 2 yard piece of the border fabric.  I'm thinking that this
might just have to go on the back of the quilt.  And if I can get more than the
16 blocks I need and more, I might some how put the extra blocks
on the back with this fabric some how!  You never know!

 This is a pillow front that I made from the same fabric.
I am pretty darn sure that it's still here.  I think maybe
I'll have to make it into a pillow and send it with the quilt?  
Whatcha think?

And this is a table runner that matches the pillow front.  Yes,
maybe I should send this too?  Or make a wall hanging out of it and
keep it for one of my walls?  I'll have to think on this!

Miss Sugar was keeping me company today!

I don't notice it so much when I look at the girls, but when I see their pictures it strike me that their muzzles are so grey!  I love this girl so much and she loves to be where I am, and that's cool with me!

Tomorrow I have to sew and make a few collars and such.  I am hoping to make at least one more block tomorrow after I finish up with the other sewing for the day.  That's a reasonable goal I think, one block a day.  I have one ready to sew and then 2 that just need the leaves and petals cut out! 
Once I get it finished, then I have to figure out who is going to quilt it for me, cause I believe it's going to be a double and that's way too big for my Bernina!  Glen........  :)

Have a great night.  I'm hoping for a new Pope tomorrow!  Such an exciting time for the Catholic Church!
God Bless,   Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

I am so glad you showed the fabrics with which are making the blocks. I have always wished the magazines would do just that. Let me see the fabrics the quilt came from.

I will post a picture of that quilt of the expensive pattern now I am over the initial hit between the eyes. It was a block of the month obviously. But, believe you me, I was pretty shocked!

Now I have to go find the fabrics. They are architectural pieces. The quilt is really incredible, it did win a prize at QuiltCon