Monday, March 11, 2013

It's a Monday....

It's almost noon and I have accomplished some quilting already!  But it's been interrupted a lot, but that's OK too! 
I'm working on the first of the two quilts for granddaughters. 

Yesterday I cut out these:

 The first 200 or so of more than 300 1.75" white blocks I need to cut!
I wanted to start sewing the first block, but got to feeling pretty icky, so I stopped
since I don't want to put this quilt together whilst feeling "icky!"
I didn't get back to the quilt yesterday at all, but I did spend almost an hour
cutting out these blocks!

So my goal for today was to finish at least ONE block. 

 I put the white blocks onto the petals and the leaves.
Then I had to iron them back...
 And then I realized that I should have cut off the extra fabric
under each of those triangles before I ironed the blocks!
So I had to re-iron the blocks after trimming, but that's OK too!
 The white fabric was giving me fits, trying to make sure I was sewing it
on so the right side would show.  Then I realized that each side felt
a bit differently and the wrong side looks a bit fuzzy compared
to the right side!
The right side above...
 And the wrong side above... see how it looks kind of fuzzy?
I KNOW I'm going to mess up at least one block with this
and have to tear out stitches! 

And above is my first block.  Isn't it pretty?  I really like it.  :) 
This is going to be an easy pattern to make the blocks for. 
We'll see how easy putting the blocks together becomes!
But so far, so good!

Ok, I'm off to work on the next block!  I'm thinking you'll get pics of each and every block I make!

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QuiltSwissy said...

Oh man, I do so like that block. It is really a great flower. I also like the fact that it looks complicated!

Glad you are feeling better!