Friday, March 8, 2013

It's Friday!!!

I've been busy today.....  pulling fabrics for quilts!  Yippee!!!
I was talking to my son and it's time for his girls to have some new quilts.  Can a child have too many quilts?  *grin*  Anyhow, one of his girls is a girly girl, loves all things pink and sparkly, and the other one is a huge tom-boy and loves Red!   So I despair a little bit.... I have LOTS of blues and LOTS of teals, some oranges and flowers and so forth and a few greens.... pinks, not so much and I don't even know if I have any reds!  But, then really, I don't remember exactly what I have because I have WAY too much fabric!  So I've been digging. 

Pink prints that I found in my stash

More pink prints in my stash

More pinks, these are all from one line.  It was called Fushia and I love these.

This is a yard cut of the Fushia line.

More Fushia stuff!  Except for that last one on the far right, I think that's from another line, but it goes with the rest of this well.....

I looks at the fabrics, and I move them around and I look at the patterns I have and the ones I lust for...
Do I buy a new pattern, what shall I buy, what ones do I have that I haven't used, or the ones that I have used... 
For the girly girl I decide to make this pattern:

 I bought this a while back and I've never used it.  I think this is good for a girly girl and that the fushia prints will do well with it....

Well, I decide to use the Fushia prints, and to those I'm going to add:

 For the leaves.....  I'm going to make them all the same color.

And I thought I'd make the centers a solid color since the fushia prints are pretty busy prints.

And for the white, this white on white print.  I love this and I've never used this either and I have a lot of it! 

Ok, that takes care of one granddaughter, now on to the second one:

I have more reds than I thought I did!  

Some aren't totally red but have red in them...

Lots of different shades of reds...

Have no clue where most of these came from!

So, I was thinking of using this pattern for the reds:

I've not made this one yet, and it might look good in reds and a few other colors...???

And then I was on the Thimble Blossoms site and saw this!  I think this would be very pretty in reds and whites and maybe some yellows...????

What say y'all?

I just love the Thimble Blossoms patterns and this is so pretty!

Well, I have a bit of time to make up my mind about this one!

The weather out today is horrible.  It was raining when I got up.  Then it cleared and got up to about 60 and the sun was shining and then it started blowing and thundering and more rain!

I can sort of see the mountains to the north right there at the right of the pic, but they are now gone! Not a mountain to be seen in any direction!

And Rudy's out there playing and wanting to chase the toys!

Here comes my little monster!!  And yes, a 7 month old puppy is something very similar to a monster!!  Kind of like a teenage boy, oh joy!!

Ok, I'm getting cold now, probably time to turn on some heat.  Thought I was done with heat for the year.  Poo. 
Have a great weekend and God Bless!


QuiltSwissy said...

Feels great to,play with fabrics for a purpose!!!! Love all your fabrics, great choices you have made. I like the woven quilt pattern a lot. It would look fabulous in reds.

It reminds me of this one

Anne said...

That's REALLY red! Very interesting!