Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rudy is HOME!

I picked him up about 11ish today.  He was more than ready to come home.  He was brought out by the nicest vet tech.  His name is Daniel.  When I first met him on Thursday evening, he walked into the exam room and said "Howdy Mam!"  What a cute kid.  He was very kind to Rudy and to me as well. 
Here's a picture of Rudy and him....

 Look at Rudy's tail, that blur is a wagging tail!  

This is the gal who checked us in when we first arrived on Thursday, she couldn't be any nicer if she tried!

 I just love her hair!

I had them clip Rudy's nails real quick, Daniel carried him out to the car (didn't want him walking in the waiting room cause he's still "shedding" parvo" and Rudy gladly jumped out of his arms and into the car!  

First stop was McDonald's.  I needed something to drink and Rudy needed a hamburger!  My dogs always get a burger when they have to go to the vet!

This is Mr. Rudy begging for his burger.  Look at those teensy little big boy teeth in his mouth!!! 
He ate about half of his burger and then snuggled up next to me for the ride home.  We stopped a couple of times for him to pee.  

And here we are at home finally!  Look at my sweet boy, how cute is he??  I love him so much, I am so very thankful that he's alive and doing pretty good!  I was so scared when I left him there Thursday evening.  

He's been sleeping a lot.  I gave him another Cerenia about 5, and about 7 he ate.  I gave him a piece of his Duck Jerky and he grabbed it so quick that he almost took my hand with it!!  He peed on my kitchen throw rug once, but hey, that's fine with me for the moment!  (won't be happy if he continues to do it, but hey, when you are sick you get a pass!)  He's peed outside a couple of times too.  No more of that toxic waste that he pooped out when we got home, but I'm sure there's more of that to come!

The girls each got a booster shot just in case.  They are 13ish but both pretty healthy, but I thought it wouldn't hurt them to have one more shot.  Vet said to do it, so I did it!  :)  I was surprised, I don't think either one of them even felt it!  When Rudy walked in, they had to give him the sniff down, poor boy!
Oh, and I stopped at Petsmart and got him a new crate for the bedroom, it's a bit bigger and now I don't have to drag his crate around at night and in the morning.  I also got him a new duck toy and some chew things to help get those big boy teeth in!

Ok, it's good and hopefully the worst is behind us.  Tomorrow I have to sew collars and leashes, and Rudy gets a big walk around our yard.  I won't take him out of the yard because he'll be shedding parvo for some time yet.  I'm mostly concerned about the coyotes getting it, other dogs don't come in our yard.  

Have a great Sunday everyone and God Bless, and I thank everyone who thought a good thought or offered up a prayer for my sweet boy!

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