Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy September!

Hard for me to believe that it's already September.  Where on earth does the time go?  However, I am so ready for fall and if not cooler temps, at least less humidity.  Right now it's in the mid 60's and the humidity is 60%.  I'd be a lot happier if the humidity was 6%!!!!

Anyhow it's been a good week, and remains a puppy kind of week! 

I have done a lot of sewing, but not of the quilting kind.  But here's some pictures from the past few days.

I have a large order going to Australia and here's the first 4 collars made and ready to go.  :) 

Rudy on Day 6 I believe!

Rudy running his little chubby self up the ramp!
When he's tired of playing outside, he turns around and up the ramp he goes, he knows that the door to IN is up there at the top somewhere!

I took this one yesterday, isn't he just too cute for words?  

Snoozing on his stuffy!

Sleeping on top of his stuffy!  He loves the stuffy, and plays with it every day.  I want to make sure that he not only learns to play with me, but to entertain himself as well. 

That's it for the moment.  Have a great day, and a great Labor Day weekend and a great September!  God Bless.    Anne


QuiltSwissy said...

My how he has grown in the week you have had him! He looks more alert.

He is so chubby! I love his butt!


sandraspencer said...

No posts for a while? Plus your email addy has been bouncing for the last 3 weeks, at the addy. Everything okay?