Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Terrific Tuesday....

At least I think it's Tuesday! 
I've had a busy day, but it's been mostly a good day.

I have a new toy.  Don't you just love toys? 
My new toy is a new smart phone, and I think it's far smarter than I am.  But I've had a blast today downloading new apps and such.

See, isn't it pretty?  I haven't had a cell phone for a very long time, and they've come a LONG way since then!!

And I've even figured out how to text.  See, you can teach an old dog new tricks!!

And I've hooked up to Wifi for my computer and will be getting rid of my land line and the broadband I have here in the house.  I'm just so coming into this century!!!

And our excitement of the day is that my friends hubby incapacitated a baby rattler.  He was tiny and actually cute, but the dern thing kept coiling up and trying to rattle his little itsy bitsy tail at us.  And baby rattlers can bite just as much as big snakes! 
Oh, you want to see a picture?
I made it tiny so you really don't have to look if you don't want to do so.  And believe it or not, it was almost decapitated and almost chopped in half  and the dern thing kept rattling his little tail at us!  Gotta be careful, they aren't easy to kill. 
There's still a big one around here somewhere.  This one was probably a foot long.
Snake pics don't bother me, but I realize some folks hate em!

I have more pictures from our trip to Tucson last week!  Happy people. 

At Tucson Tamale Company, this is the gal who takes the orders, happy happy lady!  Very nice and very efficient too.  :)

 Another worker who is very happy!

All people should be this happy at work!

More happy workers!

And yet another happy camper!

And this is where they work!  I'm anxious to go back again and eat there, I want to taste some of their tamales that are different from the average and normal kind!!

ABC Animal Birth Control is where my friend took her dogs to get their shots.  Immunizations here are very reasonable!  And the folks who work there are very nice. 

This cutie was there and had been rescued from being some kind of bait dog.  Very happy boy actually but not particularly other dog friendly.  Poor guy, I gave him a good head rub and he seemed so sweet.

I have no idea what this building is, didn't see a name or anything.  But I thought their archway door looked really cool!

And the bone yard!  This facinates me, all these planes that are all covered up and probably missing things like engines!  Don't know what we do with them, or where they go from here, but I find it interesting!

Tomorrow I have about a billion things to do.  I have mass in the morning, it's a Holy Day of Obligation, the Assumption of the BVM.  So that's not a bad way to start the day!  Then I'll be running and running and have no idea when it will stop! 

I'm off to bed cause I'm bushed and I have to get up early.  Have a great evening and night and a grand tomorrow!  God Bless, Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

What a day! A new phone, tamales and dogs. Nothing better than that.

I have seen that boneyard, and love it as well. I saw a plane once as an art piece. They made it like it was crashed into the side of a building, and you could go inside it and buy hot dogs!

Imagine that!