Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Hump day!

I sewed yesterday and in a few minutes I'm going to be sewing again, more collars and harnesses.  No quilting for me yet!

I was outside this morning and one thing I hate is gardening and yard work. I loathe it!  But I did plant some Texas Ranger bushes a few years ago.  I planted 2 varieties.  And then I had one give off a shoot, so I actually have 3 of the bushes now.   The little off shoot is blooming it's little heart out, while the two bigger ones are green, but no flowers!  They do great here without being watered and are so pretty when they bloom.  And I have pictures.  :)

 This is in front and I have the cutest little garden bench and they are just blooming away!

The blooms aren't spectacular or breath taking, but they are sweet and very pretty!

A friend stopped by and we sat outside on the bench and chatted.  Then I got busy, cut the grass and sprayed the weeds.  Hopefully the weeds will die and it won't rain today, the sky is very clear, so hopefully no rain until tomorrow!  At the moment it's glorious outside, about 88 degrees and the humidity is down today to 21% and that's WONDERFUL!!

Ok, I'm off to have a bite of breakfast and then sew for the rest of the day!  Have a great one!

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