Monday, April 30, 2012

I have spent the entire live long day in the front room sewing harnesses and leashes and collars!
Hope to be quilting tomorrow! 

Do y'all use starch when you quilt?  I never did before, but I bought some do wash and iron linens for the church, and one day when I was having issues with my ironing a quilt square, I just reached for the spray starch and sprayed the block and a miracle... it ironed out beautifully!  So I now keep a can of spray starch next to my iron.  I buy it at the Dollar Store, and I have learned that the brand they carry does change from time to time!  I have used Easy On, Faultless and Niagra.  The Easy on is good if you get the heavy starch, but it does tend to come out in a stream vs. a spray!  But it doesn't flake much.  The Easy On Light is just not worth the money you spend for it, not very starchy!!  The Niagra has a wonderful spray, but it tends to flake a lot.  It smells good too.  The Faultless is good, fine spray and not too much flaking and it gives whatever you spray and iron that starched/sizing feel!  Even on washed cotton it feels sized.  One of the reasons I don't wash and dry fabric before I use it is that it's more difficult for me to work with limp fabrics.  Maybe I can uber starch them so I can wash and dry and shrink my fabrics!  I'll have to test it out.
But I will use whatever starch my Dollar Store has, or I can check out the spray starch at Walmart next time I'm there!

Working on my list....   I am making some progress!

1. put borders on the Greyhound Quilt  done!  New goal:  Get GH Quilt to the longarm quilter.
2. Put 2 swoon quilts together
3. Put 2 Granny square quilts together UPDATE: One is almost together.
4. border my Zig Zag quilt and finish it
5. Start Hopscotch  Yup, started on it!
6. Cut fabric for Stained Glass  In process, about half done.... will be done by end of today!
7. Figure out a good pattern for the "My Precious" QAL  Going to use the Chopsticks pattern for one of them.
8. Figure out what pattern to use for the fat quarter bundle of Summer Love
9. Put sashing on Stained Glass Quilt and put it together
10. Finish Hopscotch
11. Start "My Precious" #1 Quilt.  Chopsticks.
12. Start "My Precious" #2

I watched 2 Sandra Bullock movies today while quilting.  Both older, and both good!

The Net ---  was ok, a little dated seeing as it's about computers and ID theft and they were still using 3.5" disks when it was made!  But it was interesting.
Murder by Numbers -- I've seen this before, and it's ok.   Not her best movie by any means, but one I can watch every now and again!  It also has Ryan Gosling in it, and he was so good when he played in "The Notebook" (and I mean good as opposed to evil) and such an evil character in this movie!  He's a versatile actor.  And on that note, I'm going to jump into the shower and cool off and clean off!  It was about 90 today, toasty warm! 
Have a good Tuesday folks, and God Bless, Anne

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