Monday, February 13, 2012

And a good Monday Morning to all!

I haven't sewed since I last posted!  I have cut out 3 more Swoon blocks.... I guess I'm going for the 3 quilts, so I'll need 27 swoon blocks, and that is at least 7 more, most likely 8 more.  :)
I'm trying to pair up fabrics without a lot teal in them so I can give at least one of the swoon quilts away and one of them to the Mennonites for them to tie and to send off to someone who needs it.   And that will leave one for me.  :) 
I also saw THIS quilt this morning and fell in love with it!  It's on THIS blog  and I think I may have to make something similar to this!  I was searching for Stained Glass quilt patterns and found THIS BOOK ... I must do this sometime, but the book is pricey, so it won't be soon!  But the blocks are stunning! 

I see so many quilts I want to create and make, but yet there is so little time!  I wish I could make a quilting copy of myself that would cut and sew all night long while I sleep!  I'd get so much more done!  But I'm guessing that the sound of the sewing machine would keep me awake.  :)

A friend of mine knows how much I love vanilla coffee and bought me a small bag of some designer vanilla coffee.  I read the directions and it says tha the packet makes one pot of coffee, so I put the entire little packet in the coffee maker and WOW OH WOW does it make STRONG coffee and I'm wired for sound with all that caffeine right now! Typing about 200 words a minute and cleaning house between thoughts here!  :)

I  mentioned Sugar subs here recently and was trying to not use Splenda and trying instead to use Stevia.  Well, I have failed.  I missed my Splenda terribly.  And Truvia is the only Stevia that is palatable at all to me and Truvia is not WONDERFUL but tolerable.  It's actually pretty good in Iced tea and there are generics of it that aren't terrible.  Some of the Stevia I tried were just bitter and not sweet at all and had a horrible after taste.   When I was a kid, my Mom always used saccarine in our iced tea, so the Stevia kind of makes my iced tea taste like that I was raised on.  Coffee just needs sweet in it, real sugar or at the very least Splenda which really tastes like sugar to me. 
Last Friday I cut some 2.5" squares for a new quilt I want to make - Granny Squares, and I have some pictures. 

The Granny Squares are made out of scraps, a scrap busting quilt so to speak!  So here's some scraps that I have on the floor in a box next to where I quilt!

And here's a huge box of scraps.  Now my scraps are mostly small ones, I tend to get as much as I can from a piece of fabric... you know, it costs so much that one just can't afford to waste much of it!

And here's my work for one day, three piles of 2.5" squares.  About 300 or 350 squares.  :) 

Here's three bags of selvages I have saved so far!  

And my new bag of selvages from the lastest cutting of fabric for more Swoon blocks!

And this is a bag os triangles cut from the flying geese for the Swoon blocks.  I have sewed some together and am planning on making a pinwheel border or at pinwheel quilt from them.  Again, fabric is way too expensive to waste any part of it at all!

And can you see how linty my poor Bernina is?  It's bogged down in lint and was most grateful for a bit of cleaning.  I do used canned air, but I try to blow most of the lint out the front of the machine and look to make sure I'm not caking it in the back.  Canned air is wet and can cause more problems than it solves I guess, but so far it's worked well for me.  I always give it time to dry and use the machine right after cleaning and so far no machine repair person has told me I'm doing my machine a dis-service by blowing it out with canned air!

Well, I've got a ton of stuff to do today, so I guess I'd better get busy and stop "talking" here!  Have a great Monday and God Bless,   Anne

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Françoise said...

Poor Bernina! She's been busy. I've been doing granny squares too, but in crochet.
Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a beautiful Sunday.