Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I haven't done anymore sewing, but I did cut fabric for about 5 more swoon blocks!  I will be sewing collars and such today.  Maybe I can get one swoon block done tonight, that would be a lot of fun. 
My bikes came home yesterday (THANK YOU A.T.) and she cleaned up their chains and lubed them and they look great!  I need a new inner-tube on the one, the one is ruined, so I learned how to take the front tire off the bike, and will put the tire in my car and next time I'm in Tucson or Sierra Vista I will have someone put a new tube in and fix it all up! So now I have to ride my bike.  Actually, I have to put the new hand grips on first, but that's no big deal.  :)
I didn't get as much accomplished yesterday as I would have liked, but I did go through some stuff and pitch some stuff and did some laundry.  So it wasn't a total waste!  :)
Have a great day, hope to be back in a bit!  God Bless, Anne

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