Monday, September 12, 2011

Wow, busy busy me!

Saturday I went to 5pm mass.  Afterwards I came home and sat and waited for the storm to pass.  It started storming here about 2pm and didn't stop until 7:30.  I got no less than 14 weather warnings in my email that day.  And poor Sugar was beside herself and had to have ACE.  At 7:30, I left to drive to Tucson to the airport to pick up a friend.  I was right on time and prayed all the way there for good weather and to be able to find her quickly and easily.  All went very well until I hit Valencia.  Right at the airport, there were about a million flashing lights and I was detoured around the area where I would have turned to go to the airport.  I finally was able to ask a cop if I could get to the airport, and he told me it would be 5-6 hours and to go home, when I explained I had driven so far and said maybe I'd kind of wait around he told me if I loitered he'd arrest me and impound the car.  I went home.  All the way home.  I got a hold of my friend and she got a hotel room for the night.
It then proceeded to storm all night and Sug had me up and down and up and down most of the  night, I felt like a Yo-yo.  Oy!  So I picked my friend up about 11 the next morning.  We went to Little Anthony's Diner for breakfast (it was yummy and WAY too fattening, but soooo good!) and then came back to Pearce.  On the way she stopped and picked up her dogs, they were beside themselves with joy at seeing her! 
I napped that afternoon, I was half dead! 
Sunday night Sug was up and down a couple of times.   Then at about 6:30 this morning the thunder came rolling in and up we got and I ACED Sug again!
Got myself ready and went to practice with the other musicians at church and didn't get home until about 2.  The dogs have been very very quiet today and that's a very good thing as I'm tired.  :)

The two dogs I posted about on Saturday, well their owner is going to give it another shot and try to work through their problems.  Not sure what that means, but I want another bomb proof dog like my Magick.  As much as I love Lulu and Sug and loved Lynch and Frasier and so forth, I really want a dog with few to no issues!  So I'm just going to hand loose and see what happens, I'm sure that there's a pooch out there who needs me as much as I need him or her. 

I haven't sewn a lick.  I have been working on a design of a block or two. Not sure if they'll ever come to fruition, but I do so enjoy plotting them out! 

Ok, I'm beat, it's almost bed time, guitar has been practiced, dogs have been fed but need one more potty call and I'm ready to pray my rosary and then read a bit and call it a night.

Have a GREAT Tuesday, quilt happy and God Bless y'all.   Anne

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