Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another week beginning....

Ok, well, I finished making and cutting all the blocks for the current quilt top I'm working on! 
Pictures!  :)

Here's all the new blocks.  I have used as much of this fabric as possible.  I added about 5 or 6 fat quarters to the 21 that were in the kit so I could make the quilt plenty big enough for my bed.  I really REALLY love these colors and hope to use this on my bed at some point.  :)   Anyhow, fabric isn't cheap, and it isn't getting any cheaper, so I try to waste as little as possible!  

Here's one block that has been made from what was left over from cutting the first 25 or 40 blocks! 
 And this one has little bits of ends and is very interesting!  Waste not, want not!  I don't know if I'll use all these in the bed quilt, I may take some of them and make a wall hanging or maybe even put a couple of valences together for my room.  I have 2 windows and mini blinds, so I don't use curtains or drapes, just the valences. 
 Another interesting one that is parts of several left overs!
 And this one has plenty of color and different fabrics in it.  I love these, almost as much as I love the "regular" ones!

These last 20+ blocks have caused the most waste.  I sure wish I could "melt" all the little pieces back together and roll em out with a rolling pin!! 

 This is all that's left from all the blocks I made of the 1/2 fat quarters.  I think there might be enough to make one more block, but the pieces of fabric would be so small that it would be a bulky 9x9 square, so I will just put these aside for the time being!  I also kept out one strip of each color used, and so I have enough of those to make probably 4 9x9 blocks, so will keep them to use for blocks in a memory quilt.  :)

These are the pieces I trim off when making the 9x9 blocks.  Most are 1.5" wide and some a bit wider and some about 1" wide.   It would make me physically ill to throw these away!  :)

So here's the first I put together, wonky for sure!  I'll add it to all the others and the other one I've started to put together. 

This is the next bunch I put together.  Straighter, but still wonky, and I like them.  Not sure what I'm going to do with them, but I promise, I'll figure out something.  Too bad I have no granddaughters who want a doll quilt. 
Maybe an apron top and pockets, or a sewing machine cover, or a purse or something clever! 

 After mass on Saturday evenings (vigil mass) we usually go out to eat.  By we I mean myself, my friend Ardie, our priest Fr. Manolo and whomever else wants to go.  Last night there were about 6 of us who went to Tazza's to eat.  Anyhow, on the way into the restaurant, there is this peacock who "greets" you.  He's not the least afraid of people and gets right in your face!  He's very pretty and seems like he's a pet.

 Isn't that a cute face?? 

Walking towards me, no fear!

He's just molted all his beautiful tail feathers, so what's left isn't pretty, but look at those beauties coming on his back, soon they will be long and lovely!

Anyhow, dinner was great, I had a taco salad.  Most everyone else had the orange chicken and soup.  Tazza's has Mexican and little bit of Chinese food, and it's good!  :)

I'm going to get some of my blocks put together and figure out how big my quilt needs to be! 
My ironing arm and cutting arm is hurting already, so for the rest of today I'm going to sew!  No ironing (yeah right!) and no cutting (um, whacha gonna do about that sashing  Anne?)  for me! 
Have a great day, and God Bless!     Anne

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