Thursday, September 11, 2008

Forgot to title this one More Summer Bargellos

You know, I have no clue why this blog won't let me upload the first picture in the correct way, but I've tried about a dozen times and it just isn't happening!
Anyhow, these two are my final 2 quilts from the summer part of my bargello seasons class. I love these, but my favorite still have to be that one that looks like a watermelon. :)
The purple one to the left is a bit busy for me, but still not as bad as the one I nicknamed my Nervous Breakdown quilt! :)
I'm going to be working on my second stash buster quilt today, I got a lot done yesterday, but not as many strips together as I thought I would. It's been interesting to see how the different colors either match the rest or they don't at all. It's a scrapy quilt only to the degree that I'm using fat quarters and can only make 2 strips with every 4 fat quarters. But it moves quickly and eats fabric, and for my purposes, that is a very good thing. :)

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