Friday, September 5, 2008

Some older stuff I've done...

My sweet 13.5 year old Cali is pictured above! Isn't she a doll baby? She's been with me since she was about 6 or so. She's my alpha gal and rules the house with an iron paw! :)

Here's one of the first quilts I made, it's a rail fence and I got the pattern from the internet. Picked my own fabrics and went at it. :) It has no borders, just white binding. I don't think I'd even figured out how to do borders yet then. Actually for a beginning quilt, it's not too bad I don't think.

I did a bit of quilting today, put together 2 of the braided panels I made, have them up on the wall so I can look at them for a day or so. May or may not get to putting the next two on tomorrow. I have some working sewing that I must get done tomorrow and Sunday, so I probably won't get much quilting done.

Time to let the dogs out!

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