Monday, September 15, 2008

Feeling chatty!

I'm feeling particulary chatty today! I've been sewing all day, making dodg collars and harnesses and leashes.
I enjoy doing that, but I'd rather be quilting at the moment. :)

Thought that I'd give you a peek at where I live... That picture over there <--- That's Cochise Stronghold and it's just a few miles from my front door, and it's beautiful and kind of impressive! Also that pic above is a sunset behind the Stronghold!
I wonder, is there anyway to get picture in this blog that aren't at the top of the page?
I have more pictures, but it makes no sense to put them up yonder and then talk about em down here! :)
Ahhh I do see that I can screw around with the HTML here, that should be fun! :)
But for some reason, it will NOT let me puc a picture right X on that X. :)

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